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My way to synchronize multiple computers with consistent settings, how to syncronize computers with bittorrent network in cloud and crowd. I use emacs daily, why? I make presentations with incscape and play them in browser where I also have videos and latex content. For bibliography I use coomand line `cite search "Cebers"` and `cite get 10.1103/physreve.93.062404` with utility cites. I have failed hard to make latvian compile in pure latex it is better to make your laboratory reports with xelatex. All the things and more which one did with spreadsheets I did with python modules pandas and matplotlib (julia now is better).

At the moment I know how to solve problems in bash, C, C++, python, Mathematica, elisp and julia. I used to like python a lot but know I am into functional programming with elisp and julia.

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