Janis Erdmanis
Sep 9, 2019 | 638 Words

Git for evoting?

As we know activism which is a necessary element of a working democracy is a subject to a free-rider problem and that diminishes its power. In the environment we live in, we have a limited capability to finance public goods such as media, open-source projects and political parties. Subscription model just does not cut it. Thus we rely on the state or from the advertisement model. Here I propose an alternative fundraising strategy based on transparent, anonymous, user verifiable electronic voting scheme.

The first step is to establish a git-based repository, where proposals, resulting votes and public keys would sit in. The contributors with merge rights would fill the role of the state, which ensures that all votes are being counted and has executive powers to deliver the result of the democratic choice. For example, ensuring that participating parties transfer funds according to a promise.

The promise of parties to finance the voted proposals is the credit for the democracy. It is thus natural to give the rights of merging motions, votes, and new members to the participating parties as that gives them the power to purge disobeying parties or to fork and purge the ruthless majority as their member entrusted capital depends on their responsible actions.

Establishing a Credit

Establishing a voters registry

Vote on a proposal


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