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Hi! My name is Jānis (Yanis). I am excited in stories about physical nature. We know that whole world is very complex story. I think we understand it better when we retell it with different emphasis in the most naked way. That's my passion - making such stories of my own.

I like to do mathematics. It is a tool for exploring ways of thinking and keep changing our vision of the world. Its a way of coming up with a story and finding gaps in those where fruitful questions can be asked. This is theoretical physics I like to do.

In my research so far I have been grounded for understanding specific experiments such as electron emission from quantum dot and phase separated magnetic fluid droplet behavior in external field. I like to develop tools, question the question and participate in story making.

For relaxing I like to connect with nature either by walk, hike, swim and bicycle. I like to read and I like to rethink the views which are commonly accepted. I like to explore and I like to act.

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