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I hold a view that less I need more I grow. Less old thoughts, less worries, less dependencies, less choice, less maintainance and more productivity, more curiosity and creativity, more extreemes, more simplicity, more mindfulness. I forget well written thoughts which feels like clean whiteboard for new ones. Thus with this blog I embrace idea of writting my thoughts down to forget them for my own growth. I think you will find my blog (diary?) interesting and I hope you will grow taking some ideas from it.


I am interested of making most of technology when doing physics but not overdoing it. Thus I try to find a fine line between technology and old fashioned way, where the best way I think is writing about what works for me good. Like showing the cost for making web page like this in post how did I made this page. Further I have many ideas on the topic so for not overwhelm myself I will keep my mind open on what I will prioritize. For now I will list what I have written until I can make coherent picture

Health and Sports

I am passionate on exploring what I am capable of like in swimming or running or cycling long distances, swimming in cold water, hiking, going barefoot. I am not running after records but I rather see extreemes as opportunities to learn. When I in activity I am very mindfull on seing how small changes on my technique changes how the activity feels. For ideas of small good changes I look around like in this video demonstrating principles of natural running.

I also like think a bit about what is healthy. I think what human found healthy 30000 years ago is still healthy for us today. Also I take into account that common thought about health is not based well on research as pointed out here. Thus I keep my mind open and look critically on shoulds and sholdnt's, which I keep hearing.


What is creativity and what makes a good research in physics? What makes a creative environment? And my ongoing task of finding what makes me curios? Some of theese answers I have found in my journey of being a student and now a PhD, where I reflect my first year here, in a theoretical physics and in the outside world like in my internship in CERN, my exchange studies at Umea university. But I also keep looking on what others says on this topic (see my book section).

I also find it valuable to find what makes me curios. Thus I like to see essential ingredient in physical aspects which I find very cool. Like why I find so cool for photon to change polarization in magnetic field, why we have inelastic scattering with electrons in high energies (QED), why lasers work, how do we know that stars far away are moving away from us from data we can measure on earth (brightness and spectrum) and etc.

Books on which I have something to say about

Creativity by Michally Csizerpranski is real masterpiece for making precise definition which did fully agree on what in my experience it is. The book is like an research overview for hundreds of interviews from what we might all agree are creative people (for example Nobel Prize), where many of them also were physicists. It also tries to answer the question on what makes people creative, which I have taken as answer.

Flow by Michally Csizerpranski the book like creativity but on state of mind when you are really immersed into the activity. Why theese intense activities makes us happy? The best person which explains it is author in TED talk.

Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin is looking in fine line when theoretical physics becomes mystical.

Many of listed books I have in ebook friendly format (.epub or .mobi). Write me an email if you are struggling of finding it on internet.


As I keep maintenance costs to the bare minimum I have no comments for my blog. Feedback and questions I welcome you to send to my email twitter account @graphitewriter or even better in person. I will add them under post by hand.

Other small stuff like LaTeX code snipets is posted on my feed.

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